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Fresh Look to Drive Sales for Boring Retail Displays!

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

At Trigger-Switch, our heart and soul is creating designs and materials that TRULY DRIVE SALES! Let's be honest, you can spend a fortune paying an agency to design something cool and appealing to target customers. However, if that design does not drive sales beyond the cost of the project, then it is a complete waste of time and could actually hurt a client financially. We think about these things constantly with clients and projects.

With the twenty years of experience available within Trigger-Switch, we have a great deal of experience and love for creating retail display materials. For retail stores, shelf space and floor space is KING and you don't committ fully to something when it is too new to be sure. That is where temporary floor displays can be a very useful avenue for manufacturers. They let you test a set of products in a retail environment with dedicated, branded space without taking shelf space away from other products or categories.

Here is a cardboard 4-tier display with custom header and shelf fronts. We also created a double sided 6" x 4" window cling with matching artwork. This display will help test a full assortment of product in a couple of retail spaces before the stores invest in or dedicate permanent shelving or display.

We are also looking at low cost options for adding background, graphics, logos, etc. to the white portion of the cardboard display. Rather than create that now, we wanted to wait until we could see these in place in the stores to see if this is even needed or not. More to come on this project and other retail display and promotion work in the mix.

~ Team Trigger-Switch

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