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Fully Custom Website Design
for Chambers of Commerce

Chamber of Commerce Websites

Building a Chamber of Commerce website is a trickier thing versus building a business or nonprofit website.  Our approach at Trigger-Switch is not to force you into a system where the website design, member management, event management, payment processing, member billing, email campaigns are all from the same company or service.  As much as we would like to say this would work, our experience is that none of those solutions can provide the best in all these areas.  The trick is knowing which solutions do most of these well and then are compatible with other systems and solutions.  Not only does Trigger-Switch know how to do this, but we will not only build the website but setup the member management software, copy all your membership information over, setup your email system and email campaign templates and more! 


"We provide a turn-key solution where everything works (website, email, payments, events, etc.) when we are through and we just hand you the keys!"

We have experience working with membership management platforms such as WildApricot, MembershipWorks, MemberPress and others.  We tend to build Chamber websites in WordPress because it provides the best options for integration or compatibility with whatever your Chamber needs or will need in the future.  We also work a lot with email platforms such as Constant Contact, MailChimp and even mail merge emails through Microsoft Outlook.  We have extensive experience working with payment processing and gateways through a variety of platforms and integrating that with local banking so that the payments process directly into your account.

You probably already know that no canned solution usually works for a Chamber of Commerce.  We work directly with you or your team to truly understand your current and future needs to create a website and member management system that is modern, functional and easy to use and manage.  We can create the email campaign system and email templates customized with your logo and information, make sure payment processing is in working order, and event creation and management is as easy as possible.  Because we are not just a website design company, we also provide options and solutions for direct mail campaigns, new membership drives, and even business cards, letterhead, banners, brochures, and presentation folders all custom designed specifically for your Chamber.

Building a successful Chamber Website is much more than just knowing how to build a website!


You need a partner that knows how to make the following work together and update efficiently:

  • Website Design

  • Mobile & Desktop Compatible

  • Event & Meetings Calendar

  • Event Registration & Payment Processing

  • Social Media Integration

  • Online Directory

  • Online Member Profile

  • Members Only section access

  • Email Newsletters & Announcements

  • Membership Renewal Notices

  • Invoices & Invoice Reminders

  • Member Prospect Forms

  • Economic Development Resources & Links

  • Online Survey Creation & Managment

  • Accounting Software

  • and More!

Experts Make The Difference!

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Excellent Communication is KEY!

We know that having a custom website is only part of what you need.  You also need to work with a business that will answer emails, texts or phone calls when needed and be prompt with providing support for your business.  


When a Chamber has an urgent need relating to the website, there is probably an event involved or a member that would like something changed quickly.  Sounds simple enough but half of our business comes from the failer of another web designer to communicate or respond to emails or calls.  


We make a point to respond quickly to minimize your stress and help make you look good to your members and community.

Websites are only the Beginning!

Let Trigger-Switch handle all your business marketing needs.  Here are a few popular needs for businesses after their new website is launched.  We also create custom business forms with carbonless copy, outdoor banners and much more!


Business Cards

We can create business cards to match the logo, theme and information on your website.  We usually design two-sided cards and print on 16-pt premium card stock with UV or Aqueous coatings so they last.  Tons of options to fit your needs.

Custom Design starting at:  


$20 for 250

Print Starting at:

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Did You Know ...

We are usually 15 - 25% Cheaper than Staples for same quality & we deliver to your door.


Trifold Brochures

Drive sales and look more professional with custom-designed trifold brochures.  This brochure can be a printed extension of your website to spur interest and drive your customers to your website for more information or to call you for potential product or service needs.

Custom Design starting at:


$165 for 250

Print Starting at:

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Did You Know ...

We are usually 15 - 25% Cheaper than Staples for same quality & we deliver to your door.


Custom Folders

Presentation folders are designed to complete the package of information you are providing to a potential client or a current customer.  It raises the level of professionalism you bring to the table and it keeps materials at hand for easy reference.  Let us design and print for your business.

Custom Design starting at:


$310 for 100

Print Starting at:

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Did You Know ...

We are usually 15% Cheaper than most print companies for same quality & we deliver to your door.

Business Website Design
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