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Fully Custom Website Design
for Any Industry or Need

Business Websites

Building websites makes up 70% of the work Trigger-Switch does each year.  We are known in the industry as creating the most affordable,  custom websites available and our reviews and referrals prove it.

A couple of things make us different from other Website Designers:

  • Communication - We know that having a custom website is only part of what you need.  You also need to work with a business that will answer emails, texts or phone calls when needed and be prompt with providing support for your business.  Sounds simple enough but half of our business comes from some other web designer not communicating or responding well or at all.

  • Personal Service - When we meet with clients, we don't make you come to our office unless you just want to.  For us, we meet 99% of the time in our clients' business location.  Part of that is to help make this easier for you.  The other part is it actually helps us create better websites when we have toured your business, seen your products or services and talked with your crew.

  • Sales Expertise - Most website designers don't write content for you or help you figure out the best way to talk to your potential customers or plan to address their objections using the website as a tool.  We have over 20 years of Corporate Marketing and Sales experience.  When our team helps design the sales conversation within the website, we not only help you be successful, but it helps the website be designed faster.  After all, it is much easier to review something written than to find time to sit down and write all the website copy yourself.

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Websites are only the Beginning!

Let Trigger-Switch handle all your business marketing needs.  Here are a few popular needs for businesses after their new website is launched.  We also create custom business forms with carbonless copy, outdoor banners and much more!


Business Cards

We can create business cards to match the logo, theme and information on your website.  We usually design two-sided cards and print on 16-pt premium card stock with UV or Aqueous coatings so they last.  Tons of options to fit your needs.

One-Time Design starting at:  


$20 for 250

Print Starting at:

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Did You Know ...

We are usually 15 - 25% Cheaper than Staples for same quality & we deliver to your door.


Trifold Brochures

Drive sales and look more professional with custom-designed trifold brochures.  This brochure can be a printed extension of your website to spur interest and drive your customers to your website for more information or to call you for potential product or service needs.

Custom Design starting at:


$165 for 250

Print Starting at:

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Did You Know ...

We are usually 15 - 25% Cheaper than Staples for same quality & we deliver to your door.


Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics help most businesses drive awareness and sales.  We can not only design graphics that match your website, business cards, brochures, etc., but we can install them too. We can even prepare artwork for you to install yourself.

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$120 for doors

Prices Starting at:

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Did You Know ...

We are usually 15 - 25% Cheaper than local sign & vinyl companies for same quality & install.

Business Website Design
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