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Professional sales materials BOOST new accounts and revenue!

Trigger-Switch Marketing specializes in the creation and printing of sales materials for any business or industry. We can create product pamphlets or catalogs, new product/service mailers, and full wholesale program materials for manufacturers. We can do all photography and graphic design in-house which helps keep costs down and speed to project finish fast. In addition, all of the work spent on these materials can be easily adapted to work on a business website, Facebook page or Google Business post.

Most businesses underestimate the value that professionally designed and printed sales materials can provide for winning new accounts and driving real increases in revenue and profit. One of our clients said in a 5-star review:

"Trigger-Switch Marketing created an amazing wholesale program for my company. I have gotten many compliments from potential clients when I present the wholesale packet to them. I know for a fact that it has landed me several lucrative wholesale accounts. I know that my bank account has started looking better since working with Scott Roy of Trigger-Switch Marketing!"

These new sales materials, mailers, brochures, pamphlets and catalogs can make huge differences in the success of any business. With over 20 years of marketing and industry experience, we have found ways to make these projects much more affordable than you would ever think. If you are interested in discussing a possible project like this, the first project discussion meeting (up to 2 hrs) is 100% FREE. Give our office a call at (918) 268-8555, check out our website at, or find us on Facebook at

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