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New Start-Up Business Gains Traction through Trigger-Switch Partnership

New business card design from Trigger-Switch Marketing
New business card design for Ramona's Deep Cleaning Service

One of the things we love to do is help business start-ups get there feet under them from a marketing perspective with new logo, business cards and at least a new Facebook page. We may not make a lot of money doing it, but helping a business put their best foot forward and boost new leads and revenue will mean the world to these business owners! It also goes a very long way for our business in regards to long term relationships with clients and the best reason, great referrals to other business owners!

When Ramona Diaz de Leon contacted Trigger-Switch, her new business was already operating with a team in place but she knew they had to look professional with the right tools in place if potential clients were going to take her new cleaning business seriously.

STEP 1: Creating the Logo

When consulting with the business owner about logo ideas, she wasn't really sure what she wanted. She wanted something professional looking and could be easily recognized as a cleaning service.

As part of our regular consulting for logo designs, we asked a lot of questions and pointed out what you need to consider when creating a new logo. First question is always "who is your target customer?" The target customer will dictate a lot in regards to the casual or formal approach to design, the types of fonts and graphics used, colors used, etc. In this case, the target customers were homeowners of $200K or higher homes as well as owners of business offices or retail stores. This meant that the approach should be more formal and clean with fonts that were not considered either too feminine or masculine. The colors should include two primary colors with green (the owners favorite color) being the most used of the two. Clean, simple and professional were the three words we tried to stick to with this approach to the logo.

From a design perspective, we told the business owner that you want the logo to be a design that can work as both a small logo on a business card as well as a large logo on the side of a van or other vehicle. You want the logo to work well for silk-screening on work t-shirts and also work well for embroidery on nicer shirts or aprons. You also want the logo to work well or be easily resized where it will work well as a profile picture for Facebook and a Google Business profile.

STEP 2: Design the Business Card

Here is the new business card for Ramona's Deep Cleaning Service. These are one sided only so that the team can use the back for basic quotes for service. We also had these printed on 16 point cardstock instead of the industry standard 14 so that their business card would appear more professional than other cleaning services. We ordered 250 of these for all team members to use when on the job and when out networking for new business.

STEP 3: Create a New Facebook Page

For the Facebook page, we kept with the clean and professional approach. For the profile picture, we resized the logo to fit in the circle area and added the phone number. For the cover image, we didn't have any pictures of the team that they wanted to use so we selected a stock photography image that was clean, included the green and blue from the logo and didn't really show anyone's face. The ladies in the image could easily be the owner and the team leader for the business.

When we launch new Facebook pages for new businesses, we also include completion of all "About Us" information, creation of the first couple of posts, and driving the first set of new page likes. Within the first week, the new Facebook page had 102 new likes, reached 734 people with new, targeted posts, received 3 reviews, and had 1 new request for a quote. That is with no money spent on Facebook advertising yet. However, we are working with the owner to create a plan for targeting homeowners in the top 50% of household income for the zipcodes they wish to target. More to come on this as we make progress!

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